Welcoming our new artist ANGE

We are happy to announce and welcome our new artist ANGE! She is a Barcelona born R&B singer, songwriter and emerging producer based in Sydney.

ANGE has been part of the local independent music scene collaborating with  ALPHAMAMA and NARDEAN among other artists. She has performed internationally in Barcelona, Dublin and in Sydney recently as part of Sydney Fringe Festival.

In 2018 she has been quietly dedicated to her solo project including working with engineer Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Will.i.am) and Universal Music producer, Liam Quinn who has producer ANGE’S debut single, “Cuando Va A Acabar” .

Now that ANGE has put her confidence in us to promote and manage her professional career, we are pleased to announce that her first musical single “Cuando Va A Acabar” (meaning “When Will It End” in Spanish), will be released this Friday the 9th of November.  The song combines Spanish and English touching on anger with a glimpse of hope.

ANGE Speaks Up with Her Spanish-infused RnB Debut Single ‘Cuando Va A Acabar’

Stay tuned for more from Ange and follow her on social media at https://www.angmusica.com/

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