New Show at Bondi Beach Radio

360 Music Industry on Bondi Beach Radio is a program for all those music industry lovers who want to learn some tips about how to promote music and build their musical careers, featuring different guest interviewees in the studio, such as publishers, record label reps, musicians and artists. Host Sylvia Zambrano, originally from Colombia, came to Australia with the objective of creating a musical and cultural exchange with South America, with a conviction to promote artists and generate cultural connections between continents. During her 10 years of experience in the music industry, living and working throughout South America, Sylvia was able to develop an understanding of how to develop projects in each country and how to build careers of emergent and independent artists as a music agent. Bringing experience in the production and realization of large scale shows, presenting at the Australian Music Week, and running her own advisory and artistic management, Sylvia now is sharing some of her thoughts on Bondi Beach Radio.

Sydney Sacred Music Festival

We are so happy to announce that Plonova Dance (Daniela Zambrano) will be taking part in Sydney Sacred Music Festival as one of the choreographic directors for the performance “Balthazar”.

Balthazar is the first performance born from “In The Blood Collective”, formed of artists of African and Latin background that have come together to create works using their talents in musical, visual and choreographic art forms. Learn more at:

Balthazar will make its debut on the 2nd of September at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta.Buy your tickets at:

Photographer Gerri Mifsud

More information: Facebook Event