Plonova Dance with Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation

Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation will be celebrating their 10th anniversary at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre on the 7th of September. Daniela Zambrano Parra our artistic director was invited by CCFO Director Sandra Lucas to collaborate in choreographing The Pacific Laundresses Ensemble and the Indigenous dance as part of the Miscegenation Ensemble and to perform a Colombian traditional ‘Joropo’ dance solo.

Daniela will also be presenting her new creation ‘Shapes&Shadows’ of Plonova Dance on the night. A beautiful contemporary dance performance that investigates the dancer’s curiosity to play with an unusual element integrating it into the naturalness of the movement in the context of different musical rhythms.

We invite you to join us for a magical night of diverse dance performances and talented dancers!

Facebook Event and Tickets: Folkloric Gala Event



We are starting new hip hop classes at Community Northern Beaches Inc. for girls and boys from 6 to 12 years old. No previous experience necessary.

Students will love learning these quick dance steps set to music from their favourite pop stars.  They’ll learn the latest moves in an upbeat social setting. Kids who enjoy an active, high energy type of dance will find Hip Hop to be a very fun experience. The benefits of hip hop dance are the cardio exercise, mastering new physical movements, and increasing self-confidence.

They will enrich their confidence level by developing and improving in their dancing, creativity, performing skills and, most importantly, having fun! Get moving and contact Plonova Dance today!

More info click here Hip Hop Dance Classes at Manly Beach

This is the month of the kids, it is time for school holidays!

Zambrano-Zambrano is pleased to announce that Plonova Dance will be performing a short entertaining dance work, where the kids can participate and have a wonderful time exploring different musical rythms, movements and colourful dance at:

We hope to see you there!
Thursday 7th of July
Time: 11am
 Address: c1/1-3 Rodborough Rd French Forest, New South Wales, Australia